Welcome to my blog!

I look on this blog as an opportunity to share opinions, thoughts and an occasional fact or two on a range of topics that include both consulting and coaching.  Some you might find my offerings challenging, some of them may be thought provoking and some of them may well be of no interest, but there will be always be something to learn – if not for you, then certainly for me 🙂

My path to consulting and coaching is a long one starting from developing an interest in Psychology and Human Behaviour from a conflicted childhood and becoming a single parent to two gorgeous boys, determined to give them a better version of myself through widening the understanding of my own journey and decisions and learning to embrace change.

Over the years, I have worked in a number of diverse roles from cleaning toilets and working on a chicken farm to sales to working in a number of New Zealand Prisons with a huge range of roles, experiences and seniority (some of which I will refer to in various posts), to retraining to work in the Information Technology field and (eventually) becoming the General Manager for a large global information technology company, to now running a Project Advisory and Coaching  Services company.

With a keen interest in why we choose the life that we do, the success and failure of the choices that we make within that life, coupled with a formalised Diploma in coaching, my life journey is now focused on supporting and empowering others.  Success is built on empowerment with identification / clarity of goals, planning the journey and succeeding in whatever endeavours you have chosen to undertake whether at an executive, organisational, team or individual level.

I have plenty of interests outside of work as a Ducatista (Ducati fan) and in fact a fan of most things with a high dose of horsepower! Other interests include writing, photography and charity work. Having set up ‘Bikers Unite Against Cancer’ group, I have personally raised over $15,000 for Cure Kids working with the motor-biking community across New Zealand.

Check out my profile(s) to contact me My Website  or for further information click on the following links : – Linked In – FaceBook – Twitter

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